Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The value of antique heart Pine Flooring

Do you know where it originated antique heart Pine Flooring? The source of this beautiful wood is long-leaf pine and ruled the terrain of the South. In the days before the American Revolution, the great forests of the U.S. continent.UU. they grew freely and widely traveled from Virginia to Texas.

But today, antique heart pine flooring is an enviable commodity. Especially since what was once about 90 million acres of this long-leaf pine, has been reduced to about 10,000 acres or less. This is the coverage of mass of less than 2% compared with 41% of the last years.

Why was this so popular wood that it was nicknamed "wood who built United States?" Characteristics of durability, resistance and resistance to rot and insect pests became a highly sought after wood product for all types of building materials. Boats to sheds, wood antique heart pine floors was to invest in it
America was actually built out of this wood product. It provided products of Interior design beautiful, beams for bridges, beams and panels for factories and homes, docks, railroad cars and warehouses. Whenever you walk into a Victorian-style house, hotel or Palace notes because long-leaf pine products will very probably underfoot and around you in the walls also.

This famous wooden product is still in demand, but resources are limited, because those 10,000 acres are now protected by the Government. The best way to install some in your home or building is trying to find some in a historic building that was torn down.

It is color variations are also amazing. You can go from a dark warm honey to one Orange amber tone or a soft reddish. The age of the wood realize impressive color variations and strong flower.

Given that a lot of this wood has been extracted from historic buildings, it is possible to get boards that are always and when 22 feet by 12 inches wide. With a process of re - manufacturing, short planks are frequent so it is easier to install and ship.

However, older wood products derived from historical buildings also have a patina that almost cannot be duplicated. Imagine the footprints left behind after a century or two of use. Modern techniques of re - manufacturing - up - to date can be top surfaces perfectly flat and sharp, clean edges.

Pine floors old heart Re - manufactured goes through a process to remove knots and the effects of damaged wood to give a completely new look. These techniques are designed, however, to preserve the charm of their indigenous ancestors once had. The result of all this hard work and labour of love is a surface that mimics the product pine original long sheet of our ancestors in America prospered in.